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Innovations from Emmvee at the Intersolar Europe 2012 In June, it's that time of the year time again. The eyes of the PV industry are directed to Munich. From 13th until 15th of June 2012 the world's... 
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Customized EMMVEE modules at the Great Aletsch Glacier

At the Great Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland, 28 customized EMMVEE-modules were installed last October. These are frameless custom-made pv modules with the extraordinary dimensions of 380 mm x 72 mm. The modules constitute the core of two identical solar-powered monitoring stations of the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich). Each of the special modules consists of 36 solar cells, cut for the special requirements of the project on a size of 9 mm x 52 mm. The module performance is 2.5 Wp.

In about 2000 meters above sea level, near the ski resort "Aletsch Arena", the stations measure deformations of bedrock around the glacier. Under Extreme weather conditions the tailor made EMMVEE modules generate power for the monitoring stations of ETH, thus enabling a reliable implementation of the research project.


1 August 2012: Final of the tour d'e-bike

tour d'e-bike in the final stage

tour d'e-bike started last weekend the final stage from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The final destination of the tour was Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze. Despite the fickle weather in Bavaria the tour participants successfully reached their destination. Against the enchanting mountains, they were welcomed by the Mayor of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The EMMVEE Tiger was also there.
Supported by the electric power of e-bikes the participants could cover more than 1.000 kilometers. During the nine-day tour the e-bike riders explored not only beautiful landscapes and get to know various regions of Germany, but demonstrated that electromobility works great in urban traffic as well as on long journeys.
Impressions of the tour d'e-bike stages, as well as a tour-review can be found on the www.tourdebike.de and on tourdebike-Youtube Channel.


16 July 2012: EMMVEE modules certified for Australia

CEC accreditation for Emmvee modules

The Australian Clean Energy Council has successfully tested EMMVEE modules and has certified them for the Australian market. The modules were tested in a laboratory test in accordance with the strict rules of the IECEE CB and were declared suitable for the Australian PV market. Our  Bangalore facility was also inspected. Regular inspections will be carried out in the future. The certified modules are listed on the Clean Energy Council of Australia's website:



16 July 2012: EMMVEE enrolls into PV CYCLE

Emmvee enrolls PV CYCLE


EMMVEE has gained full membership of the collection and recycling Association PV CYCLE. Membership ensures the environmentally friendly disposal of EMMVEE modules by the end of their life cycle at one of the designated PV CYCLE collection points.
PV CYCLE membership is crucial in the Italian market, as from 30th of June it will be a requirement of the Italian Energy Agency, GSE. There will be no feed in tariff available for module installations without guaranteed return and recycle facilities.
The membership certificate can be downloaded at Certification & Declaration.


27 June 2012: EMMVEE gains OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety certification

EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH is now OHSAS certificated, obtained through DNV, under Occupational Safety Guideline OHSAS 18001. The acronym stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. This certificate attests that EMMVEE adheres to the guidelines for safety and health at work and that EMMEE has a certified health and safety management system.

The certificate is crucial for the Italian market, as from 1th of July it is required at the GSE stage for commissioning projects. Without the certification, there will be no feed in tariff available. Customers in other countries can now view the health and safety measures EMMVEE carries out. The certificate can be downloaded at Certification & Declaration.


26 June 2012: EMMVEE modules certified for Australia

The Australian Clean Energy Council has successfully tested EMMVEE modules and has certified them for the Australian market. The modules were tested in a laboratory test in accordance with the strict rules of the IECEE CB and were declared suitable for the Australian PV market. Our  Bangalore facility was also inspected. Regular inspections will be carried out in the future. The certified modules are listed on the Clean Energy Council of Australia’s website:


31 May 2012: EMMVEE inaugurates its largest PV power plant to date

Emmvee solar park Bronkow


EMMVEE have officially opened a new solar park in Bronkow. The 11.4 MWp installation was placed beside the landing strip of Bronkow airfield.
The solar park has been built within seven weeks- a record for the company. The solar park has been planned and implemented by the department of project development of EMMVEE, a German-Indian manufacturer of solar modules.
A smooth take off is ensured through using structured front glass. A feat, EMMVEE is renowned since it was the first company to use this glass. The glass is less blinding and offers more yield due to its structure. The Bronkow Solar Park with 46000 EMMVEE modules in a space as big as 60 football pitches.
The park produces 50000 kWh of clean energy. EMMVEE consequently follows its strategy of using best components and system parts from companies, they have been co-operating with for a long period of time. Thus ensuring reliability and quality.

Read more about the project development and EPC by EMMVEE at Projects.


14 May 2012: EMMVEE has planned and developed a solar park with almost 12 MWp within 7 weeks

The park has been established on an old air port near Bronkow, a beautiful village in the state of Brandenburg. Works started on March 13 with an extensive search for ammunition. With them having been transported away, the 120 workers were able to install 11000 poles for the supporting structure of 46000 modules by EMMVEE.
The solar park is one of the twenty biggest parks in Germany.
Some of the modules are equipped with structured glass, one of the specialities of the company that helps increase the efficiency and also minimize the blinding effect for the pilots wanting to touch down there.

Read more about the project development and EPC by EMMVEE at Projects.


24 April 2012: EMMVEE Group starts Photovoltaic Project Development

EMMVEE has entered into the solar project development and EPC business. The units project management and EPC contracting are the new assets besides the established pillars, solar-thermal and photovoltaic as well as toughening glass: Project Development and EPC Contractor.
The new business units are to develop turn key projects, plan and implement solar installations of size. From the planning stages tothe maintenance of existing solar parks.
First projects are already in the making. In two German cities, two big installations are in the finishing stages or have just begun:
In Doberschütz, EMMVEE have installed the biggest roof installation with structured glass in Germany and in Bronkow, a defunct military airport is to be transformed into a solar park with almost 12 MW. EMMVEE has financed and implemented all works on the projects by itself.
The new business unit consists of engineering, procurement and construction as well as maintenance. EMMVEE have gained some 20 years of experience in the solar field and relies on a team with an international expertise in order to execute projects successfully.


21 February 2012: EMMVEE to meet tougher requirements of Italy's GSE

German-Indian pv-module manufacturer EMMVEE have received their second certificate for Italy’s FIT. The Italian energy agency GSE has adjusted its regulations for the “Made in Europe” FIT-criteria. Nowadays, a company cannot buy a certain amount of European components to be classified as a manufacturer to be “Made in Europe” anymore. According to the new regulations, TÜV Rheinland actually checks the amount, the percentage and the period of time in which European cells have been purchased.
This closes a loophole, which enabled a number of companies from outside Europe to declare themselves European by buying a small amount of European components. The new regulation is about sustainability. If an installation is to receive Italy’s full FIT, the modules constantly have to be made from European components.
EMMVEE Photovoltaics have always relied on long-term relationships with German manufacturers of high-quality components. “When it comes to European components, we regularly reach more than 90 per cent. It is our policy of quality. We publish every single detail in our data sheets and on our websites, thus being one of the markets most transparent companies,” says Frank Hilgenfeld, spokesman of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH in Berlin. PV-installations with modules made by EMMVEE are therefore given the extra FIT in Italy.


19 December 2011: New MCS certificate for EMMVEE

A new certificate of the British Board of Agrément (BBA) summarizes the results of the certifications of EMMVEE modules. Instead of the two MSC certificates- for the polycrystalline modules with 48 or 60 cells and for the monocrystalline modules with 48 or 60 cells, there is now a newly issued certificate of British Certification Institute, which confirms the suitability and quality of all EMMVEE modules for the UK market.
Earlier this year, EMMVEE modules received the confirmation of quality for the UK market. BBA has proofed the quality of the complete production routine of EMMVEE in two stages and found them highly suitable for the UK market.
You can download the revised MCS certificate from the EMMVEE website under Downloads.


08 September 2011: TÜV Rheinland certifies EMMVEE modules as "Made in Europe"


EMMVEE has confirmed the European composition and therefore the module origin as "Made in EU". After strict factory review EMMVEE has received on September 1th the TÜV factory inspection certificate. TÜV Rheinland confirmed that at least 60 percent of the module components are "Made in Europe". EMMVEE meet all requirements by the "Made in EU" clause of the Italian electricity agency Gestore dei Servizi Elettrici (GSE). Due to the TÜV certification, it is ensured that PV-installations with EMMVEE modules get the 10 percent bonus on the feed-in payment by GSE.
EMMVEE have bought their components from German manufacturers for year now.
Most of EMMVEE modules comprise cells from Bosch and Q-Cells. The structured front glass is made by the Mannheimer glass manufacturer Saint Gobain Solar Glass, the cable and connectors by Lumberg and the cell connectors by Bruker-Spaleck. Spelsberg und Lumberg produces the junction boxes for the EMMVEE modules.


28 June 2011: EMMVEE offers new product portfolio for more efficiency

EMMVEE offers new module types since the Intersolar 2011 in Munich. “The names change, the quality remains”, says Steffen Graf, Managing Director of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH. “The successful use of the module name Black Pearl since 2009 proves that our clients simply like noble and easy to remember module names. Our Black Pearl has established itself especially on roofs of traditional buildings facing east or even north”.
The four new module types inherent six new product groups: Black Pearl, Diamond (mono), Diamond (poly), Sapphire, Crystal and Custom.
The new names are tied to well-defined product features:

  • EMMVEE Black Pearl: Cells from Bosch, black back sheet foil, black frame, Albarino P
  • EMMVEE Diamond: Cells from Bosch or Q-Cells, brand components from Germany
  • EMMVEE Sapphire: Cells from Gintech, Albarino P front glass
  • EMMVEE Crystal: Cells from Gintech, flat glass

Furthermore, EMMVEE offers a new product category: the Custom Module. This will be tailored to the customer's needs. All EMMVEE Modules consist of components made in Europe.
The modules will be available from October.


27 June 2011: Highlights from Intersolar 2011

EMMVEE is looking back at an exciting and successful Intersolar 2011 in Munich. The real eye catcher on the international pv-exhibition was the Black Pearl module, a completely black EMMVEE-module with 60 monocrystalline Bosch cells and structured glass. This is not a coincidence – the Black Pearl-module is one of EMMVEEs best sellers since 2009. Another highlight was the introduction of the new module types Black Pearl, Diamond, Sapphire und Crystal. The six new modules consist mainly of German components and have the well-proven EMMVEE quality. The new portfolio is equipped with structured Albarino P front glass.
The EMMVEE Sales team will be happy to give you more information about the new EMMVEE product portfolio.


03 May 2011: Delta extends standard warranty for European Solivia string inverters

Delta Energy Systems, co-operation partner of EMMVEE and manufacturer of high-quality inverters, extends the standard warranty for all European SOLIVIA string inverter models from 5 to 10 years beginning from the invoice date, May 1st.
To extend the warranty, EMMVEE clients need the invoice and registration on the company website: https://guarantee.solar-inverter.com. A PV installation is a valuable investment, many feed-in tariffs are guaranteed for up to 20 years, states Andreas Schmidt, Head of Marketing. SOLIVIA solar inverters are functionally reliable and able to operate for more than 20 years. For further information please visit www.deltaenergysystems.com.


15 April 2011: EMMVEE solar-modules with Bosch cells MCS certificated

All EMMVEE-modules with monocrystalline cells from Bosch as well as the modules with polycrystalline cells from Q-cells have received the MCS certificate from the British BBA. The oldest certification institute in England tested all modules of EMMVEE's product portfolio and confirms the quality of EMMVEE modules.

The modules are equipped with structured front glass Albarino P or G, which offers an increase in efficiency. Thus, EMMVEE modules are particularly suitable for flat and less ideal-orientated roofs facing East or West. Even in weak light conditions or with a low lying sun the efficiency is significantly higher than for modules with flat glass and inferior quality of components.
EMMVEE were the first users of Albarino front glass. "Regarding the use of the efficiency increasing front glass, we are the well-proven original", claim Steffen Grad and Salvatore Cammilleri, Managing Directors of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH.


04 April 2011: British Board of Agrément for EMMVEE in London

Steffen Graf receives MCS at Ecobuild in London

On March 1st, the solar modules of EMMVEE received the MCS certification for the British market at Ecobuild London. Sales and Communications Director of British Board of Agrément (BBA), Alan Thomas, presented the MCS certification to Steffen Graf, Managing Director of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH. Just in time for the Start of Ecobuild London, the British organization for certification personally made a visit to the EMMVEE booth.

“We are very excited about the MCS certification from the BBA. The British PV-market is very interesting for EMMVEE. Thanks to our components and the special characteristics of the patterned glass, our modules are ideal for weak light conditions and flat roofs. Even if roof orientation is suboptimal, like for instance East-West orientation, EMMVEE modules are ideal thanks to the Albarino P or G glass”, emphasizes Steffen Graf, Managing Director of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH and underlines the importance of the BBA-accreditation. EMMVEE have opened an office in Darlington. Mark Noone, BA represents EMMVEE in the UK.


31 January 2011: Cashback for EMMVEE-Clients: 1.500 Euros

Delta Energy Systems, co-operation partner of EMMVEE and manufacturer of high-quality inverters, grants a cashback amounting to 1500 Euro for each inverter of the make Solivia CM 100 sold via EMMVEE until March 2011.
EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH is co-operating with Delta Energy Systems since June 2010. Delta Energy Systems is one of the most import suppliers of power supply solutions and manufacturer of high-quality inverters for indoor and outdoor applications worldwide. The inverters are interchangeable and intermateable thanks to their identical electrical attitudes. The inverters of Delta Energy Systems have a high degree of efficiency and are always working reliably, even in bad installation conditions.


13 January 2011: EMMVEE Solar Modules receive MCS-Accreditation

On December 22, 2010, the polycrystalline solar modules ES-190 P48 and ES-230 P60 received official MCS accreditation from the British Board of Agrément (BBA). With this certificate, any installation done with EMMVEE modules will receive the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT). BBA carried out thorough examination of our high-quality modules. UK products have been tested for their reliability and safety since 1966. The BBA is one of the oldest institutions in the UK.
The ES-190 P48 is made of 48 polycrystalline cells and the ES-230 P60 is made of 60 polycrystalline cells from Q-Cells (Q) and Gintech (G). They are intended for a maximum system voltage of 1000 V. The special feature is the textured front glass Albarino T (flat glass), Albarino P (pyramidal texture) or Albarino G (wavy texture) that offer an increase in efficiency of at least three percent especially functional for the diffuse light conditions in the UK.


11 January: 2011 EMMVEE Solar Modules receive UL-Accreditation for the USA

Two modules made by EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH received the certification of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). The modules ES-230 P60 and ES-230 M60 were thoroughly tested and received UL certification in January 2011. The institute Underwriters Laboratories has over 100 years of experience in product certification. The safety tests included risk of electric shock and fire hazard.

„We are excited about the accreditation. The US market has a great potential," says Steffen Graf, Managing Director of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH.

The ES-230 P60 is made of 60 polycrystalline cells from Q-Cells (Q) and Gintech (G) and the ES-230 M60 is made of 60 monocrystalline cells from Bosch (B) or Gintech (G). They are intended for a maximum system voltage of 1000 V. The modules are designed with the special solar front glass Albarino T (flat glass), Albarino P (pyramidal texture) or Albarino G (wavy texture) made by Saint Gobain Glass (SGG). The textured front glass Albarino P and G increase module efficiency at least three percent.


06 January 2011: 10 Year Product Warranty for EMMVEE Modules

EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH is now offering an extended product warranty of 10 years for its PV-modules. EMMVEE will replace or repair every module with manufacturing errors or material damages at no additional cost beginning January 1, 2011

"We would like to share our success with our customers because we have produced a high-quality module that allows us to offer an extension of our product warranty to 10 years. Quality is our goal - hence we only use components of renowned manufacturers to ensure a long warranty," says Steffen Graf, Managing Director of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH. "Over the last years our modules have functioned predominantly flawless; another reason to extend our product warranty."


20 December 2010: EMMVEE cooperates with Gintech

 EMMVEE Module ES-190 M48 GWith the beginning of the New Year, EMMVEE is extending its product portfolio with new solar modules. EMMVEE will now offer photovoltaic modules with high-quality mono- and polycrystalline cells made by Gintech in Taiwan. Both Gintech cell types feature three busbar, dimension of 6 inch 156 x 156 mm and 180-200 micrometer thickness. The semi-square, monocrystalline Gintech-cell will be used for the 48 and 60 cell module. The new ES 230 M60 G has a nominal output of 235Wp to 250Wp and a module efficiency of 14.8%. The module ES 190 M48 G has a nominal output of 185Wp to 200Wp and module efficiency of 15.1%.

The polycrystalline cell with 3 busbar and an efficiency of 16.8% will be used for EMMVEE modules ES 190 P48 G and ES 230 P60 G. The new polycrystalline modules produce 195Wp to 240Wp.

You can find an overview of all EMMVEE modules and performance classes at www.emmveephotovoltaics.com under "Products". IEC-Certification through TÜV Rheinland is currently in process.

"We are excited about this cooperation. Gintech is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality solar cells and its cells fit perfectly with our existing product portfolio," says Steffen Graf, Managing Director of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH. "Again, we have entered into a long-term cooperation with an excellent supplier."

17 December 2010: Two further EMMVEE modules received the TÜV certification

The latest products coming out of EMMVEE's production line - the photovoltaic modules with Bosch cells - have received TÜV certification. At the beginning of December, the modules ES-230 M60 B and ES-190 M48 B received certification in accordance with IEC 61215 und IEC 61730. The heart of the powerful module is the new Bosch solar cell M 3BB. The monocrystalline module ES-230 M60 B with 60 semi-square cells has a nominal output of 235Wp to 250Wp and a module efficiency of 14.8%. The module ES-190 M48 B has 48 monocrystalline Bosch-cells with a nominal output of 180Wp to 200Wp and a module efficiency of 15.1%.
Technical datasheets, module specifications and certificates of all modules with Bosch-cells can be found at our website under "Products" and "Download".


16 December 2010: Winners of the Photography Contest „Sonnenblende 2010"

We have chosen the winners for „Sonnenblende 2010," the photography contest in the category renewable energies. The jury convened on December 3rd to choose the winners from more than 70 submissions. V. Buddensiek (Chief Editor Sonne, Wind und Wärme), M. Bläser (Photograher), C. Arns (Chairman BUND) and Steffen Graf (Managing Director Berlin) nominated six winners from the pool of candidates. In addition, six further photos were chosen to be published in the contest's final photo calendar. M. Horling from Berlin won the trip to India. J. Bachmann from Schrozberg will enjoy a weekend in Berlin. F. Proschinger from Simmerath will receive a Photobook by myphotobook.de and K. Kliem from Schleiden-Gemünd gets a subscription to the magazine Eta Green. The Gorilla Tube goes to M. Heckmann from Hamburg and T. Schneider from Netphen wins luxury sunglasses from ic!berlin. The chosen pictures portray the various forms of renewable energies - photovoltaic, wind energy, hydropower and biomass. The photos reveal an intriguing mixture of abstract art, scenic landscapes and precise close-ups. The best pictures will be released on www.solar-journal.com and www.emmveephotovoltaics.com. An exhibition of the pictures is in planning.


23 November 2010: Emerging India Award for EMMVEE

EMMVEE won the Emerging India Award. It is India's most prestigious award for companies. EMMVEE was the best performer in the electricity and telecommunications category. The Emerging India Award was awarded by the ICIC bank and the TV channel CNBC TV 18 and it goes to companies that prove excellent trade, an international mindset and best practice. Since 2005, approximately 750,000 companies have strived to achieve this award which has been presented in New Delhi, London and Macau so far. EMMVEE was also able to beat three other nominated companies to win the final round. The founder of the German-Indian company for developing and producing photovoltaic modules, D.V. Manjunatha, received the award.


22 November 2010: Structured glass for Beringen


A month ago, in the Belgian mining town Beringen a new photovoltaics plant came into being. E.R. Technics built in 376 polycrystalline EMMVEE modules into an industrial roof which tilts to one side. 60 cellular EMMVEE modules of power class 235 W are now in use on the roof, which has an incline of 30 degrees.
The special thing about the plant, however, is the glazing of the modules - they are all equipped with the structured anterior glass Albarino P, from glass specialist Saint Gobain. The glass, which is pyramid-shaped, offers, particularly for polycrystalline solar cells, an efficiency increase of at least 3 per cent. The structured anterior glass sustains noticeable increases in yields in poor light and has a low degree of staining. It is not a coincidence that it was decided to use modules with structured anterior glass in the dusty industrial estate of Beringen. Thanks to the rounded structure, dirt can be easily removed by wind and rain and cannot settle in the structures.


21 November 2010: Expansion of capacities to 200 MW by the end of 2011

EMMVEE Production

After the expansion of the capacities in Bangalore to 80 MW in the middle of 2010, EMMVEE has now announced a further growth by the end of the year. The New Year should start with extended production capacities. In this way, in the future, 130 MW of solar modules will be able to be produced on 3S/Somont Mashines at the Indian production site. By the end of 2011, 200 MW of EMMVEE modules should be coming off the production line per year.

"We are really looking forward to this expansion. Of course, we are working with experts from 3S / Somont again. This is about trust and the Swiss firm manufactures the most reliable and precise machines. We need machines with these characteristics so that we are able to build qualitative, high quality solar modules in the coming years", say Steffen Graf and Salvatore Cammilleri, the CEOs of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH.


11 November 2010: Solar modules become "seaworthy"

EMMVEE Module ES-230 M60EMMVEE modules pass salt spray corrosion test. The EEMMVEE module ES-230 P60 was tested for corrosion resistance by the Institute of Albarubens in extreme conditions. At the end of October, EMMVEE received the certificate for passing the salt mist resistance test.
The modules by EMMVEE were subjected to corrosion promoting conditions in a chamber. In a chamber a corrosion promoting atmosphere was formed using sprayed salt solution. In this way ,the exposed parts were attacked by corrosion. Under the test conditions, the corrosion process of the module was accelerated and the covers lost their corrosion protection. The parts became corroded faster than in normal conditions and you can see how the corrosion developed. The duration of the test depends on the requirements of the coating. As the concentration of aqueous salt solution, temperature, pressure and pH value had to be kept constant, the results could be reproduced.

"EMMVEE modules should endure a great deal and function for a long time. Even under extreme conditions. The salt spray corrosion test shows that our modules even function near to the sea. We recommend a minimum distance of 500 metres from the sea," says Steffen Graf, manager of EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH.

10 November 2010: TÜV gives the green light for EMMVEE

At the start of November, two further EMMVEE modules received the TÜV certification. The modules ES-300 P72 Q and ES-300 M72 S were tested by TÜV Rhineland and certified in accordance with IEC 61730 and IEC 61215 Ed. II. 72 polycrystalline cells of Q cells are placed in the module ES-300 P72 Q. The maximum degree of efficiency is 15.1 %. The monocrystalline ES-300 M72 S is fitted with 72 pseudo square cells from Suniva and shows a maximum degree of efficiency of 14.7 %. Albarino T front glass by the glass specialists Saint Gobain was built into both modules. The embedding is by Etimex, the connection hose with three bypass diodes is by Tyco Electronics or Spelsberg and the reverse side foil by Krempel.


11 October 2010: EMMVEE photovoltaic modules with Bosch-cells

Bosch Solar Cell  M 3BB


EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH have entered into a long-term partnership with Bosch Solar Energy AG. The manufacturer of high-grade solar cells from Erfurt will supply EMMVEE with monocrystalline cells over the next years.
The Bosch anchor is the unmistakable trademark on the front face of the new cell. With average output rates of 4.26 watts and efficiency levels of up to 18 %, the monocrystalline cells feature one of the highest performance of any cells on the market.
EMMVEE will use these high-performance cells for the production of 48-cell modules ES- 190 M48 B and Black Pearl as well as for the 60-cell module ES 230 M60 B. The certification is currently in process. The module specifications and composition of all components can be found at our website under "Products" and "Download". There you will also find the datasheets for all EMMVEE modules.

"Bosch is a perfect partner for our portfolio: exceptional product quality, high performance cells, meets quality expectations, and production in Germany, which allows for reliable business planning," says Steffen Graf, managing director of EMMVEE Photovoltaics Gm

Data Sheet Bosch Solar Cell M 3BB (245 KB)

2 August 2010: EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH at the PV ROME MEDITERRANEAN trade fair in Rome 8.-10. September 2010

Emmvee Photovoltaics GmbH Messestand

Industry representatives and people interested in photovoltaics will again have the opportunity of keeping themselves abreast with the most recent developments in the market at this year’s PV ROME MEDITERRANEAN from 8 to 10 September in Rome. You can also visit EMMVEE there on Stand A22/B21. EMMVEE will present its most recent developments at the trade fair for photovoltaic technologies for the Mediterranean region. Visitors to the trade fair can get a first impression of the new EMMVEE modules. We will also showcase other modules from our product range on Stand A22/B21. For example, the ES-230 M60 Q module in the 245 Wp performance class, which increases the yield in two ways, both by its 60 cells made by Q-Cells and by its special patterned Albarino G front glass. The EMMVEE team will be happy to advise and inform you about our current product developments.


30 July 2010: Students visit EMMVEE

Besuch von koreanischen Studenten bei Emmvee

Visit to EMMVEE Photovoltaics GmbH: Five students from South Korea visited the headquarters of the German/Indian solar module manufacturer in Berlin. Press spokesman Frank Hilgenfeld answered all the questions regarding renewable energies and jobs in an alternative market. The students took part in a programme offered by the government of South Korea and visited international enterprises all over the world. EMMVEE, as a representative of renewable energies, was highly sought after as a partner in discussions.


January 2010: EMMVEE supports Energy Autonomy

Supporter-Certificate Energy Autonomy

EMMVEE supports the makers of the documentary film Energy Autonomy, which demonstrates fascinating solutions for a sustainable, clean energy supply and the democratisation of energy.

The film is not a vision. The technology is ready. Now it is up to mankind to make use of it. Click here to watch a trailer of the film. The cinema documentary was premiered at the Berlinale 2010."EMMVEE was happy to support this project: we regard our activities in the area of renewable energies as a responsible, integrated concept and want to participate in designing a viable future for our successor generations,” says Steffen Graf, Managing Director of EMMVEE.


May 2009: New Spelsberg junction box available in August

Long life and a consistent and high level of performance are the focus of our modules. We succeeded in establishing co-operation with a strong partner for the junction boxes on the rear of our modules. From August 2009 on, we will be using the junction boxes made by Günther Spelsberg GmbH & Co. KG, the leading German supplier of solutions for electrical and housing applications. This will further enhance the quality of our modules. With the exception of the frame, EMMVEE uses only top-quality components meeting the stringent quality claim of Made in Germany.

March 2009: New production line

The new production line made by Somont / 3S has been supplied. It will be installed and configured in the coming weeks. This production line provides EMVEE with an additional capacity of 25 MW. A second production line of identical layout will be installed in June, increasing the total capacity to more than 50 MW.

May 2008: EMMVEE concludes long-term supply agreement with cell supplier Q-Cells

Based on the excellent business relationship so far, EMMVEE and Q-Cells decided to intensify their co-operation by concluding a 10-year supply contract featuring annual volume increases. Q-Cells remains the exclusive supplier of cells to EMMVEE.